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Healthy Schools Campaign: Improving the public school system is a complex issue because there’s so many things that can be focused on. We speak with Guillermo Gomez, Vice President of Internal Affairs for the Healthy Schools Campaign. He’ll discuss this week’s “Principal’s Breakfast for School Wellness” Event and talk about a coalition of parents is fostering change in Chicago Public Schools. 

The Inevitability of Unemployment: Global Fortune 100 hiring manager and author of the book “Employmentology: A Practical Systematic Methodology of Finding Employment by a Hiring Manger” Darnell Clarke joins us live. He’ll discuss modern day tips, techniques and methods for securing gainful employment. The expert will also debunk myths about what it really takes to get hired in today’s job market. 

Job from Around the Way: We present the latest job lead in hopes of making the search a bit easier in this tough economy.

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