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Harlem Reacts to Harlem Shake:A video…well multiple videos of random people doing the Harlem Shake has gone viral, but according to some residents of Harlem, it’s just downright disrespectful. We discuss. (warning: video contains some language NSFW)

Racist or Not Racist:Veteran comedian Lisa Lampanelli is the latest to come under fire for dropping the n-bomb. We talk about the tweet that lit the flame, her response to the backlash and invite listeners to weigh in on whether or not she went too far.

One Million Bones: Overdrive Intern Jennifer Carlson brings us a conversation with Ames Hawkins, Associate Professor of English at Columbia College. She speaks with Hawkins about the "One Million Bones" project which seeks to raise awareness about current genocides happening around the world through art and participation.

Jazz Music, A Brief History: Andy Baker is a trombonist, composer, arranger and educator. He tells us a brief history of jazz in honor of Black History Month.

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